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Rome Artifact 2006?

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I am selling my Rome Artifact but I am not sure what year it is exactly. I beleive from what I have researched it is a 2006. The graphics on the bottom is a guy with a breif case and on the top it says Mr. Big Shot. It has only been ridden 15 times. Its a size 150. I will be willing to sell it with or without my ride bindings.

If your interested I can email you some pics

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I'm not interested, but I think it would probably help your case to post pictures of the board. Nobody is going to want a board they can't see.
No one is going to pay $215 for a 7 year old, used snowboard that retailed for roughly $350 MSRP.

Expect to get $60-100 tops for that board without bindings.
I am more interested in finding out if it is actually the 2006 model or something else. I cant find and difinitive evidence that its the 2006 and I obviously do not remember when i bought it from the store.
Isn't that the Lumbergh pro model parody graphic? Damn thing isn't even from this decade.
2007 model if it is this one...!!! ;)

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YES! that is the one thanks!
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