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Me: 6'2, 195 lbs, aggressive rider. I'm coming off an ACL repair so I'm not as strong as normal and haven't been hitting many jumps.
Boards: Rome Mod 159 and 162
Bindings: 2017 Rome Targa L/XL
Conditions: All except deep pow.

Flex - It's a stiff board, but only longitudinally. Torsional flex is medium. I attribute that to the carbon(?) stringers running the length of the board in the middle, which add stiffness without affecting torsional flex much. The stiff Targa bindings also really help with this. Not a buttery board, but overall I love that the board is this stiff without being a plank.

Carving - Oh hell yeah. If you like traditional camber and carving on a twin, this will put a smile on your face. There is so much camber and you can really drive the board with the contact points and feel how every small change you make affects the carve. The camber springs you out of turns. It's extremely fast edge to edge if you need to make short quick turns. Coming from any kind of hybrid board you're gonna feel this.

Powder - For a cambered true twin, it's decent in 6-8" of powder. Not the board I'd choose for a powder day but my reaction was "pleasantly surprised" rather than, "this sucks." I haven't had a day where I could set back the bindings a bit to try that out but I think this board can hang as long as the angle is steep enough.

Switch - Perfect. Unless you aren't good at switch and need a forgiving board for that.

Jumps - Per doctor's orders I'm staying off of larger jumps, but from the small ones I've done, the board has a ton of pop and feels incredibly stable on landings. It's everything you need for any kind of jump.

Jibbing - Not jibbing this season. Maybe later. I'd imagine going fast and getting off the feature quickly is key.

Speed/Edge Hold - The base is super slick, and the responsiveness of the board and edge hold with camber is confidence inspiring. For the first time ever I'm blowing past skiers on crowded slopes because I know the board has got me and will never slip or wash out, and the quick turning makes it easy to dodge that fallen kid at the last second. I've never been on a board that I felt this comfortable charging on. Did I say this board is fast? It's fast.

Buttering - Not a buttery board, but it's not impossible either.

Overall - I love this board. Love love love it. If you want to experience a traditional cambered twin the way God intended, here you go. It feels like they took the best features of boards of the early 2000's and made them all better with modern tech without changing the nature of how they ride. This board and a pow stick would make an ideal two-board quiver for an aggressive rider that hits park jumps and wants to go as fast as a true twin will go.

I've been riding the 159 all season and found a deal on a 162 so picked that up too. The 162 rides just like the 159 but has more of everything. More camber, speed, catchiness, everything. I'll bring the 159 on crowded days or when I'm not feeling quite as chargey, and the 162 when I only feel like bombing.

Companies don't make many boards like this anymore and I hope Rome continues to. The only other modern board I've ridden that compares is a Burton Custom X.
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