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Yes, another please help me find a board.

A bit about me..

I've been riding for about 15 years but being originally from Texas, starting as a teen, I only went on a couple week long trips, twice a season or so. Normally riding resorts in Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona.

At 19 I moved to Alaska where I really stepped up my riding. Rode Alyeska, and the Ak back country.

From there I've ridden Germany, Turkey, and now I'm living in powder country, Japan.

These days I ride just about everything. I consider myself an advanced resort rider I guess. Getting back into parks and jibs, and for now venturing off into the tress away from the groomers, into the deep Japan powder.

So with that said I'm looking for a good all around board that can handle the deep powder, make quick turns in and out of the trees, handle steep fast resort runs, and venturing off into the parks, especially in the coming spring time.

In all my years of riding, I've never been one to pay to much attention to gear, or research it for the matter. I kinda just buy something at a shop, and ride.

Now I'm taking more interest into what I buy as Japan is offering some pretty tricky riding.

So, I've come across the 2013 Rome Postermania, which is decently priced around 280 and labeled as an all mountain board, with great reviews.

Should I just go with this board as I'm happy with the price, and art work of the board, or if you guys have any other suggestions I'd be happy to hear.

I'm 5'8, 175lbs, strong and in shape.

Boots and bindings have been a lot easier to research as there are not as many. Will probably be going with 32 Thirty TM Twos, Salamon F3.0s, or something similar after trying some boots on.

Probably go with Burton Cartels or maybe Rome s90s.
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