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I am trying to help out my brother with sizing for a board.
He is about 200lbs. His boots are Nitro Vagabond size 12. I suspect he might be one of those who have bought boots that are too big according to some discussions here. But i think that might have to wait until his next pair of boots to fix.

He is asking for some advice about what size board to get. We looked at all the options available to him where he is at and found a store selling Salomon Assassin. I own one myself and based off what i know of his experience (borrowing my boards when riding together- so i know his standard and what he can handle) then he as an intermediate will be ok on this board, its just a question of sizing.

He has feet slightly larger than mine but is a bit less experienced. I have size 28.5 mondo feet and just got away with the width of a 158 Assassin (waist 25.3) as my cruising around in the slush hitting small side hits board. For him though we are stuck between the 162 (ww 25.8) or a 163w (ww 26.6). Salomon board size chart says the 162 should be max size 11.5. So he is fractionally bigger than that.
I am a bit wary on putting him on a board thats too wide and the impact that will have on him turning etc. So we are having trouble deciding between the 2 sizes. As mentioned he is an intermediate, he wont have too much POW where he will ride and for now will be crusing around on the piste and hitting small jumps, side hits.

Thoughts on the best size for him on an Assassin?
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