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Salt Lake's Other Mountains

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My quest to ride all of Utah's skiable mountains took me the Oquirrh range. The Oquirrh's are the Wasatch's uglier, less accessible and more ravaged-by-mining/industry cousin to the west that are seen by all but heard from by few. But they still have snow so why not...

My original objective...

But it took me longer than I expected on the approach and it was getting kinda late in the day to be riding a sunny aspect that hadnt gone through its wet slide cycle yet, especially being solo in a area that now one visits and out of cell phone range.

So I opted for a more sun/wind protected slope..

Compared to my other non-wasatch tours(LaSals and Tushars) todays riding conditions were suprisingly good. Soft settled powder. But the earn to turn ratio is still nowhere close to the cottonwoods. Still, its always fun to explore new terrain.

Next objective: Stansburys

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Nice work! I went up Middle Canyon earlier this year and attempted the Tooele Cirque but turned around due to the terrible snowpack. I tour the stansburries semi frequently. I like to hit the twins as I work out that way and my office over looks them. Let me know if you want to get out sometime.
The snowpack was definately less than I thought It would be, even for the Oquirrhs. I had to bootpack/hike for a good mile and a half along a jeep roaf before I was able to start skinning.

The twins couloirs are definately on my list but I'm want to wait until the road is open all the way to the trailhead. Any idea when that might be? I know last year it was open relatively early but the year before it was closed for a while due to it being washed out.
Last year it was open super early I want to say in May sometime. I can ask around people at work to find out when the road opens up and let you know. The hike isn't too bad once the lower gate is open. We hit the North Couloir the thinner steeper couloir on the west side of the peak earlier this season and it was a haul to get there from the lower gate. There is still a bit of snow from looking out of my office window this morning
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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