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Shopping around for a new board (female)

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Hey guys, new around these parts!

I've been reading about different boards and I am not too savvy on the technical aspects of things. I understand there are different Camber Profiles and I am not sure if there would be a huge difference or if it would take a lot of getting used to.

Here's some info on me:
Age: 24
Height: 5'5"
Years Riding: 11 years
Riding Conditions: ICE COAST! (Jersey) I head north to VT sometimes... NY, PA but I don't see powder conditions too much unfortunately.
Riding Style: Free Style/Free Ride. I like to play around in the park on some small/medium features. Kickers, tabletops, hips. No super fancy tricks just some grabs and whatnot. I also like to hit some of the smaller rails/boxes. 50/50s and boardslides. I am not as brave as I was when I was younger and injury free. :p I also like to bomb down some blues and black diamonds. I love speed so I would also like to be able to stay in control when tearing it up with friends. SO basically I'm looking for something fun in the park but great elsewhere on the mountain as well.
Boots: Nike Zoom Force 1's
Bindings: Rome 390's

History: Started with a Ride Control when I was a teen, then rocked a Palmer Gap, and finally got a Rome Solution 148 (info) a few years back. Had to take a couple seasons off riding due to nursing school and no time/money.

I was looking into the NS Infinity and I was wondering would it be a huge adjustment to this type of board? I like my current board but it's age is starting to show.
Info on the NS Infinity: Here Thoughts?

I don't really care men's vs women's board but I understand they are designed with gender differences in mind, hips etc. My current board is a men's board and I haven't seemed to have an issue. I am open to suggestions and looking forward to spending some time on the forums. :)
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Sounds like you have a good budget and have been riding awhile. For your wants, I'd suggest: NS Infinity as you mentioned, but also the Gnu B-Pro and Roxy Eminence.
I got used to the rocker/camber after one run and liked it a lot.

I have the Infinity and a Roxy Envi. They stopped making the envi this year but the eminence looks very similar. C2BTX is the same rocker camber as the never summer. I think the magna traction on the Roxy is better on ice than the vario sidecut on the NS. The Roxy is a little stiffer than the Infinity, but they both have good flex between the bindings and are easy to ride. The Roxy is a smoother ride, especially at speed. It feels very light.

I'd say go with the Eminence, especially for ice. We had some icy conditions this year and my board really held an edge when some of the people I was riding with were skidding out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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