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Signal Omni?

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Anyone have an opinion about the Signal Omni? I've read some interesting reviews. I have a 2012 k2 Playback that I don't love so I want to go in a different direction. The k2 is flat so I'm thinking that something with some rocker sounds good and the omni's camber and rocker setup sounds like something I'd like. The biggest problem I have is sometimes when initiating a turn I can't get the rear of my board to break free without a fight so maybe with a little less contact from a rocker setup might help that?
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:DYeah, I have ridden it, I own one. What would you like to know?

It has become one of my favs, I am a huge fan of early rise boards, Rossi, Jones, Signal, and the like.

Its super playful, without being loose, its damp but not really dead feeling....if that makes sense. Very easy to turn, floats well. If I had anything to complain about, it would be edgehold and weight. Not the grippiest of decks, and not the lightest either.

Just rode it in about 15" of fresh, over my Jones Flag, and did not regret it!! Its just plain fun all around:D
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