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Okay, okay. I feel like I already know what sort of replies I'm going to get, but nonetheless I want opinions and discussion. Hi, yes, I'm female, about 125lb and 5'3"ish. I'm in the market for a new board and I just seriously don't like any women's boards. I know it's possible (and it happens often) that women ride men's boards and that it's not entirely uncommon. I've been boarding for 5-7 years, now, and I consider myself on the high end of intermediate. I currently have a 147 SIMS Heiress, which is the board I've been riding with since the beginning.
I'm strongly considering getting the Ride Machete GT at 151cm. I'm reluctant to leave the standard camber scene, but I've heard strong positive opinions for hybrids (my dad has a Ride DH.)
I know the standard board height chart comes from weight nowadays (I chose my Heiress based on my height) and men's boards are technically heavier.
I suppose what I'm asking for is just opinions or suggestions or food for thought. I'm heading to a shop soon to just check the size to make sure I absolutely want it.
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I have the perfect board for you. It a new 2012 Never Summer Infinitey 156. It's absolutely a beautiful board and perfect for your weight. I promised to sell it to a friend but if she falls through. You could not find a better riding or built board for you. Especially you being experienced. And it's a rare size.

Besides that, you should look for a longer board. It will step your game up big time. I would go burton before I would go machete. But that's me.
At your skill level and weight, go for a men's board. Imho the infinity is perhaps too soft. Depending on where you ride and the snow conditions...groomed packed or ice you could do mid 150's and for deeper you could do right around 160 or alittle +. However pay attention to the width on men's boards if you have women's sized feet.
And damn damn I made a REALLY big typo that I didn't even catch when I posted it. I meant to say 125lb wow that's a big mistake sorry.
LOL ^^^^ I was thinkin 5"3" 225 lbs on a snow board. I wanna see this! :yahoo:

5'3" 125 lbs seems more like the snowboarder physique. :bowdown:
The problem you will run into with mens boards are the waist widths. My wife is about your size 5'4 120ish and she has been riding a 142 meateaters nug the last two seasons. She loves it. before that she was on a 149 malolo she hasnt ridden a girls board in years.

My question for you with girls boards is what dont you like about them?
What type of riding do you do?
Would you consider a bataleon? They are camber, most of the womens boards are fairly stiff. you get some of the perks of a rockered style board but the pop of camber. Then again if you totally just like camber there are lots of cambered boards out there that would suit you well I am sure nivek will be around and tell you a list in a moment :p
Noreaster: I ride in Southern Colorado and New Mexico.

cav: My reason for not liking women's boards is probably not the best reason but I don't like the designs as much. I feel like that's not entirely reasonable but design and color are important to me. I ride mostly packed/groomed and sometimes a few inches of powder. I like to go off trail whenever I can. Since New Mexico doesn't get snowstorms often, I hardly ride deep powder and I don't get around to Colorado that often. I actually haven't looked at Bataleon boards yet. Thanks for the suggestion!
Another question I have is about flex. I wouldn't know what my Heiress falls under, I would assume about 5, and the Bataleon Airobic falls at a 3, and I'm pretty sure that the Machete GT is a 7. I would probably consider myself a freestyle/freerider and I'm wondering how the Airobic would affect that, since that's a park/freestyle board with reg camber and rocker on the nose and tip. Also, how would the Airobic affect my riding in a lot of different conditions?
I'd look at the TRS narrow given your desire for a man's board and likely tiny feet
Bataleons dont have any rocker. The tip and tail of the board is shaped like a canoe so it is slightly off the ground at the edges, it is a totally cambered board from tip to tail.

The airobic is rated a 3 which is a soft board I go fast on my lobster parkbaord (which is just a sintered airobic) never have a problem. What size are you looking at? If you are looking for a 151 in anything I would actually say to look at the boards in the 4-5 stiffness range on bataleon. So like the Evil twin, boss, or whatever. If you dont like the graphics on those then meh, I can tell you that an evil twin will feel very stiff to you.

I just looked up the Sims hieress boards specs. It says it is a midflex board BUT and this is kinda key, it is a womens board so it will usually be softer then a mans board of the same size.

Also bataleons tend to be boards that are either loved or hated by thier riders. Is it possible for you to demo one first?
Machete GT would be insanity. That deck is too burly for most guys with 1.5 times the weight of the OP.
If I were to get an Airobic, I would get a 148. Unfortunately, I don't think I would be able to demo. All of the stores I visited didn't have Bataleon, or at least Airobic.
I just looked up the Sims hieress boards specs. It says it is a midflex board BUT and this is kinda key, it is a womens board so it will usually be softer then a mans board of the same size.
That. It probably is about a 3 on a 1-10 scale for men's boards.
I think you would be fine on a bataleon airobic. if you want slightly more rigidity you can always look at the global warmer (airobic with carbon around the bindings to tighten up the board some)
I was about to call troll thread, because at 225lbs and only 5'3....damn, you'd have other problems other than finding the right type of snowboard lol glad you corrected your typo!
Heiress flex is actually 2. I wouldn't exactly call it medium. Consider this when choosing a board of a drastically different stiffness.
I was about to call troll thread, because at 225lbs and only 5'3....damn, you'd have other problems other than finding the right type of snowboard lol glad you corrected your typo!
There's a gal at Afton that's probably not far from that. Whatever, I'd give her props for getting out there and ripping it up!:thumbsup:
OP, with your first posted stats...thinkin to myself..."thats a hella muffin on a stick...and if she is brave enough to post those stats...frickin ya...she could take anybody out at the if she wants to ride a man's board...go for it".

But with the corrected stats, ur the same size as my daughter and a guys board is generally going to be alittle much...not undoable...but could be punishing and you would have to be mentally and physically aggressive. My daughter's boards are women's stiffy cambered and range from from 144 park, 148 cruise and 155 pow boards; but her skis are 181cm--161 / 131 / 161 which are insanely huge for her size. But generally a stiff cambered women's board in 148 will be plenty of board for a gal of your new size.

edit: if ur advancing/progressin...the more important factor than the tech design going to allow you to progress your riding. What folks are going to notice is not your board...but that you are ripping up the hill.
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