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Skate banana all mountain?

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I have Bern looking for a new snowboard, i asked on another forum for good all mountain boards. One guy suggested the lib tech skate banana, but i have been looking and not everyone seem to think its all mountain. What do you guys think? Feel free to link me some awesome all mountain snowboards!
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Good all arounder!

Hey man!
Can recommend the lib tech skate b, been using it for a couple of seasons, and it works good in the park and pipe, as well as in powder.
If you want, you can watch this edit to see how it works in powder (big mountain riding). We are all using it.

Be aware that the edge is a little sharp (saw technology), that was a bit tricky in the begining, but after I got used to it, it's awesome, especially in an icy pipe.
I would say go for it:thumbsup:

Thank you for the reply and sick video! The next is to find out what size it should be, im 168cm and 55kg. I think im going to get the 151narrow or the 152 normal. What do you think? I have not bought boots yet, but i would guess i will use 7.5.
Since the skate banana is a rocker (bent up on both sides), I think you should go for a slightly shorter board than what's recommended with a usual board.
Here's why:
- Short boards are easier to handle in the park.
- longer boards float better in fresh/powder snow.

Since the board is a rocker, it will naturally float better on deep snow, because the nose is heading upwards. Therefore
you can buy a shorter board without loosing the freeride aspect.
This is only my own experience and thoughts, others might disagree...
Okay! And how much difference will a narrow make? The narrow is 245mm wide and the normal is 252mm.
The difference is just your shoe size, so your shoe won't stick out and touch the snow when turning. Don't know what size 7.5 is (beeing a norwegian) but I guess narrow would be enough (if your feet are small/normal)
I see, will go and get my boots before deciding what size i should get.
The banana would not be considered a mt boards.

If you are looking for a mt board get something stiffer or the ride will be bumpy. Only good on groomed runs or powder days not when is bumpy terrain.

I had a skate banana 156, a gnu RC 157.5, Danny kass 155, billy goat 159. btx, rest c2btx. so i have a gauge of flex patterns and bumpiness.

Everything ride better the skate banana in mt.

For the Park its and groomed runs anything else get stiffer more enjoyable.
What all mountain board would you recommend? I still want it to be poppy.
If pop is your goal, go with any of the other boards already mentioned because the skate banana is not poppy.

It's soft, loose and highly overrated. It sucks compared to a true all-mountain board and you'll rarely, if ever, see experienced snowboarders recommending a skate banana as a good all mountain board.
Woow this is so hard :D one guy saying its good for all mountain, and another saying its so overrated and is useless all mountain. Cant decide if i should buy it or not.
Woow this is so hard :D one guy saying its good for all mountain, and another saying its so overrated and is useless all mountain. Cant decide if i should buy it or not.
The fact is you can find people recommending every single board out there. If it's been made, it's been recommended by someone.

The difference is who is recommending them.

There's a reason every beginner says their snowboard is awesome, because it is awesome to them when they don't have as much experience to know the difference and don't have as much riding time to compare it to other boards or they don't have the riding ability to really use the snowboard to the best of it's ability.

I'm not holding it against them, but you have to be aware that a lot of the snowboard advice you read online comes from people who have no idea what they're talking about and make recommendations based on very little experience.

Trust me, the Lib Tech Skate Banana isn't a good all-mountain board.

You want a good all-mountain board? Try this year's K2 Happy Hour.
I was looking into a skatebanana but in the end went with the Jones Mountain Twin. All mountain RCR profile, playfull, not catchy and for intermediate and advanced. I went for the 164W cuz im a small giant. If u check the smaller sizes they are more freestyle oriented, the bigger ones more freeride (all depending on ur size and weight offcourse)
Seemed when i was researching that alot of riders were choosing between the banana and the mountain twin, thats why im informing you.
skate banana is crap for all mtn. Along with what Jed that you also have to take in to account the person who is making the recommendation...mainly their skill level and the hill they are riding it at...because snow conditions and terrain literallty sets the are what/where you ride.

Before hybrids...everyone learned on a stiff cambered deck, then the banana was the rage (short lived)...then folks like the various hybrid... rcr, rfc, c2 and ect...but there is now an emerging trend back toward cambered and the c3. Why?...because of skill level and style and terrain/snow environment. About 1/2 season could not get rid of the banana fast all my rides... the billy goat, charlie slasher, a freeride camber and twin camber...and looking to maybe demo an rcr this year.
I've got a skate banana and don't use it any more. Will echo what's already been said - It was good to learn the basics on since it's a pretty easy ride, but it really isn't a all mountain board. It's a very soft forgiving rocker board. It's more for if you want to learn jibs and play in the park.

It can be lots of fun at slower speeds messing about, but I'd swap my Skate Banana for a Slash - Happy Place in a heartbeat :)
Hmm okay, guess i have to look for a new board :D
For general all mountain cruising from Lib Tech I would be getting the TRS.
Okay, give Me suggestions for good all mountain boards. Under 500£
Ive never road a libtech, but am told theyre very close to the gnu line.

And After 15 years of riding im yet to ride a better board than a gnu, either carbon credit which i rode for like 3 years and am now on a metal guru. Both straight SLAY the ice in Vermont and cats rides in the powder of Colorado. Hit every table, step-up and rail in sight.

Cant say much for the phrase poppy, but i never hesitated to try and ollie over anything.

Will say both are a little sketchy haulin ass on fresh groomers, but shit, whatever. Nuttin wrong with a little wash to keep yuh butthole tight.

the c2 btx magne-traction combo is killer IMO

Hope it helps dude, best of luck...can also find these board a year later for cheap
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