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Rider info...

Height 5'10"
Weight 175
Boot Size US12
(Burton Boot = US11 Footprint)

Board: Slash ATV HUB 161cm
Boots used: Burton Driver X '12
Bindings used: Union SL

Style: All-mountain / Freeride


This board is phenomenal for the freerider who wants to be a bit more playful on the mountain and hit some jumps, I would not reccomend this board to a pure park rider despite Slash labeling this board their "Freestyle" board. This is an all-mountain ride with uncompromising versatility if you have no desire to hit jibs/rails, and you dont run into deep powder situations too often this would be a Great buy and is fully deserving of the Transworld Good Wood award. This board adapts to and dampens changes in terrain exceptionally well, meaning nothing is out of bounds and you don't have to worry about dipping into any area of the mountain (unless its deep powder) because the board literally lives up to its name, ATV.

Edge Hold: At first I wasn't sure about Slash's Ultimate Traction Bumps, but it's much stronger of a grab than you would think. The board is rather good on icy terrain but steep+icy and you will run into problems. The edge hold is uncanny on groomers, the faster you go the more the camber seems to bite down and happily pops into your next turn with equal edge hold. The camber+edge hold allows this board to carve on terrain where most boards would wash out or feel slippery or skiddy.

Groomers: As noted, this boards performance on groomers is just silly. I challenge anyone to find a faster more aggressive groomer board that is equally at home on steeps making wide carves. This board is just superior here and I suspect a lot of it has to do with the sidecut, camber and edge hold.

Light Powder: This board changes its behavior a bit in powder, more playful and less speed demon. It still excels, and viciously digs at the hardish-pack underneath. Super steeps are fun, and backcountry is a blast, I still would say this is not the boards strongest point in comparison to competitors that specialize for park and powder, but it still performs great and still wants to grip and slash pow and get air, it definitely feels slightly more sluggish than other boards here, but in a playful way. The rockered tips and directional flex help a lot here. This board is great here, especially if you're doin more freestyle than dense tree runs, you will be happy.

Deep Powder: Steeps are your friend here, but the board feels incredibly sluggish and heavy in more moderate to easy terrain. Backcountry deep pow is fun if you have the speed and grade to keep the board moving. This board is actually surprisingly responsive and floaty in big mountain territory, but again without speed, it starts to feel like a brick, even with your stance set back.

Moguls: For a cambered board, this board performs excellently on moguls. Moguls are actually -fun- which pisses the people I ride with off, but in all conditions this board slashes through moguls better than any board cambered or rockered that I've set foot on. Chutes are a similar joy with this board.

Turn Initiation: This board was a little on the long side for me, and it's definitely a bit wider than I would prefer, turns on this board happen in the blink of an eye, but they definitely require some effort even with the help of the camber, I felt most of the difficulty in turning was getting used to disengaging the crocodile like bite this board has.

Speed & Stabilty: Not the fastest board I've rode, but certainly one of the fastest and more importantly most competent. Other boards can go faster, no doubt, but confidence and stability on them seems to dwindle as they reach peak speed. Perhaps it is because this is a longer/wider board than I normally ride, but I felt that this was as a lresult, the fastest ride simply because it seems to thrive at high speed, everything great about it becomes excellent. I have one caveat and that is that high-speed stopping is not the most immediate, this board does not want to slow down, it's best to give people a wide berth when charging and don't charge into the lift line expecting to slash yourself to an immediate halt.

Flex: Definitely stiff but lively. The directional flex is part of what makes this board an insane carver, but also means that switch riding is not only unpleasant but unforgiving (in comparison to this board rode regular).

Jibs/Rails: horrible. I'm not good in this area and I certainly did not have fun trying it on this board.

Half pipe: Incredible, fast, huge off the lip. A bit slow on the spins, but light and definitely feels like it was made for pipe riding, a bit unforgiving landing switch...

Jumps: This board has some serious pop, some cambered boards are heavy and feel dead and flat off the ground. This board is light and poppy and likes to get air. The cambered profile is more forgiving than you might think on landings.

Durability: I rode this board to my limit and its limits and put some damage on it. The black finish makes scratches stand out more than other boards, I would say this boards base and tips are very durable but the side cut is vulnerable to some serious dings, if you do a lot of tree runs, my experience was that even a moderate collision had enough force to put a ding in the edge.

Conclusion: This board is definitely aggressive, it craves speed and aggressive boarding and wants to get lift off anytime it gets the chance but also has a strong unrelenting but undisruptive edge hold to it. It's actually a rather good training tool, my beginner-intermediate friend used the board for a day and his riding improved dramatically. It feels like this board was designed with the steep freerider in mind who likes to off-trail it, get air, bomb groomers and go big in the pipe.

4.7/5 for poor performance in deep pow and a few other nitpicks, an otherwise incredible board from a little known company. For the style and conditions I ride, this board is perfect.
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