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SLC resorts on sundays

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Which resort is generally less crowded in the SLC area on Sunday's? I am willing to go all the way to Pow Mtn if that is the answer. We are staying in Cottonwood heights sat 23 - Mar 2. We have all week to ride but people are jonesn' to get out day 1.
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Everyone is at church all day. So the slopes are empty. Even if its a powder day.................

But honestly, both cottonwoods are chock full of people on the weekends.
If it dumps snow while you're in town it will not matter. People will make the trek because this season has been pretty mundane thus far. I will say if it pukes you're likely to find more people at Alta/Bird so you would be better off (line wise) at Solitude/Brighton or PowMow.

Edit: If it hasn't snowed in a while you can go wherever on Sundays and be fine.
Big Cottonwood is the least crowded - Brighton/Solitude

Little Cottonwood is always the most crowded. Alta/Snowbird

Park City isn't worth it unless you're a huge park rat and need the "ski town" vibe - also usually crowded.

Powder Mountain/Snowbasin aren't worth the drive unless it's snowed a decent amount in the past 3 or 4 days.

Even a crowded day in Utah is really nothing, the last time I've actually waited in line was at the very end of April last year, pow day, all other resorts was closed. Waited in the tram line for 5 minutes.
The lines in both the big and little cottonwoods are nothing compared to what you will face at most other resorts, even on an incredible pow day.

People in Utah are incredibly spoiled and lucky. :D
Of the 40 or so days Ive ridden lifts this year I have only waited in line more than a couple minutes once. On opening day. About 5-7 minutes and let me tell you, it was terrible:D. That being said, I dont ride weekends but the canyons seem to 3 or 4 times more crowded than on the weekdays.
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