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I bought a 156 Smokin Awesymmetrical CTX at the end of last season to use as my go to board this year. I have 20 days on it now so I thought I would post up some thoughts.

Rider: 5'10" 220 lbs
Stance: 12/-12
Bindings: Union Contact Pro

Typical riding: All mountain around the mountain...only bomb on occasion. Hit the park when it is on the way. I ride more switch than normal these days due to a leg injury.

I bought the board thinking that it would be very similar to the NS Proto that I love to ride. Truth be told...not that similar. The Smokin board is fairly stiff and has both excellent edge hold and response. It wasn't catchy at all...a solid combination for pretty much all conditions. This is my first asymmetrical board and I really can tell a difference in heal side turns with it...pretty cool actually.
The Awesymmetrical has good pop, spins easily, holds an edge well on ice and is a blast to ride. I got it into 10-12" of powder and it was fun either direction and didn't require that much work to keep the nose up. I stuck the nose once after landing a jump and enjoyed much ridicule from the lift riders overhead.
I don't think this is the perfect board for everything but it is really good at everything I like to do. It tears up moguls, turns easy in trees, jumps well and spins pretty good. I really can't think of anything that I don't like about the board.

I have 50+ days on my NS Proto and it has been my favorite board since 2012. The Smokin Awesymmetrical closes the gap every time I ride it and after 3 days on it in Colorado, I would say it is a dead tie between the two. The Proto is more fun in the park...the Awesymmetrical is more fun everywhere else.

Due to an injury in Nov, I swap the way I ride the lift each normal, then one goofy to keep the stress off the knees. This board is super stable 1 footing either direction...way better here than the proto.

Overall, I really like the Awesymmetrical...if I had to pick only one board to keep, this would be the last one standing in the closet.
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