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This is a great thread.

I've been riding a pair of 32 M's Double Boa size 10.5 for a number of years. I always have pain on the outside of my feet in the middle front to back. This year I would like to get a stiffer boot and it would be great if they didn't hurt my feet. I ordered a pair of TM-2 Double Boa Wide in 11 which seem to fit well outside the pressure they put on the top/front of my foot/ankle when flexing. Still in my return window though... I chose to go with an 11 this time since my second toe tends to curl in the 10.5 and I lost both nails on my big toes one year. (learned to trim them very short before riding after that experience)

So, I started researching, found your measurement advice and hope you can steer me to the correct boot.

My measurements:
Right - 28.2cm, 10.5cm
Left - 28cm, 10.3cm
I have Morton's toe and measured accordingly.
I'm pointing to where the pain is while wearing my old boots in the attached picture.

Thanks in advance.
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