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Snowboard Pant Decision

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Hey everybody.
I'm thinking about getting some new board pants I have this jacket and pants .But I decided to go something less loud and less baggy(My pants have a relaxed fit and I'm around 6'.I wear a long black hoodie which is longer than the jacket and can't decide which colour should I go with?Grey or black.?I'm looking for a fit that seb toots wears this year.relaxed but not super baggy.Also torsteins' pants fit is nice too)
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Check out the 32 Blahzay's.

Rode my blahzay's for close to three seasons.
I tend to like the pants with Pockets featured.
I really like the 686 Smarty Original Cargos I just got. Really nice fit, loose but not thugged out baggy. Tons of pockets and even comes with a really nice removable fleece liner that you can wear around the house or even as PJ's if you forget yours on a trip.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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