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Snowboard sizing and board recommendation (5′7" 150-155 lbs 9.5 US boot size)

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I am 170 cm (5'7") tall and weight around 68-70 kg (150-155 lbs), but my boot size is 42.5 EU (9.5 US) which makes me question are the most boards my size (based on weight and height) too narrow for my feet? Angles I ride are 30 on my front and 15 on my back foot, regular.
Currently I am on a Lib Tech Skate Banana 148 which is obviously too short for me, so I am looking for an upgrade.

I've been riding for about 7 seasons, around 10 days a year and would describe myself as an intermediate rider.
For the most part, I would be riding the board ON-piste with an aim to improve my carving, but would still like to have fun, practice switch, and hit a few natural jumps along the run or occasionally go park (around 20%). I don't like going back-country, deep snow or any of that.
The main goal for me is to have fun, sure I do 6-8 hours of snowboarding a day, but I am not a try-hard and don't like forcing myself on steep runs (and if I do end up on a steep run, I'd like a board on which it would be easier to go down), that's why I really liked my SB with Magnetraction, it made snowboarding easy, especially since I usually end up riding in icy conditions. I've been browsing these forums for a few weeks and got a couple of favorite boards and would like an advice regarding those, and picking a proper size.

So since I am coming from Lib Tech, my main interests are the TRS and T. Rice Pro. The TRS shortest board is 153 with a waist width of 25.3, and T. Rice Pro is 154 with the same (25.3) width, would that be too narrow for my boot size. The TRS has a 157W with 26 width, and T. Rice Pro has a 157(normal) with 25.8 width, which both seem to accommodate my boot size. Would either of those sizes be too "tall" for my height or too large for my weight? Lib Tech sizing only states the minimum (120lbs+) weight so every board matches my weight.

Apart for those, I have my eyes on the Jones Mountain Twin which has versions 151 (24.8 width), 154 (25.1 width) and 156W (25.9 width). So the question again is would 151 or 154 be too narrow for me, and would a 156W be too "tall" for my height? All 3 versions seem to match my weight.

Also I got my eyes on the YES. Greats which has versions 151 (25.3 width), 154 (25.6 width) and 156 (25.9 width). The same question goes. The only difference is that 151 and 154 match my weight, but the chart says the 156 is for 73 kg to 100 kg, and I am usually more towards 68 kg than 70.

If it matters I will be purchasing the Burton Step-On Genesis bindings along with the Photon BOA or Swath BOA size 9.5. And a bonus question would be, which do you suggest, I am currently riding normal Photons, but I've read that step-on version is a bit stiffer and it doesn't have separate lacing system like the normal ones, and the Swath does. The step on Photons top handle seems to tighten the whole boot, not just the upper part like the nomral Photons, and the bottom handle works as a strap. While the Swath top handle stiffens the top of the boot, and the other handle stiffens the feet part.

Sorry for the long question but I would like to get it right since that is the board I am probably going to ride for the next 7 seasons.
Thank you in advance!
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Your knowledge in snowboarding gear makes my ice melt.
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Snowboarding sizing is based on weight not height so don’t get wrapped around the length of the board especially in the age of volume shift. Lib tech & Jones both have weight recommendations. That’s what you want to focus on given your boot will work on any of the decks you mentioned.

Given that you want a more playful deck you’ll want be to be just north of the mid point on the decks weight recommendation. I personally would go yes greats as I prefer traditional camber and asym side cuts are super fun.

The Burton step ons add a bit of stiffness to the boot to compensate for the binding design. Photons are a great boot, got to a board shop and make sure the boot feels right on your foot. Stop by the boot fit section on this forum to get your mondo point sizing to ensure you dail your boot in as it’s going to give you the best experience above deck and binding choice
Wow, based on your suggestion I went to boot fit section, used the online tool after measuring my foot. Turns out I've had the wrong boot size my whole life, my mondo is 265 which is 9.5 US in internet shoe size, but is 8.5 US for snowboard boots.
So I guess I don't have a problem regarding boot size and snowboard width. But I'll be sure to test boots in range 8.5 - 9.5 when buying the new step ons.
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