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Hey all,

I've recently added an app to the App Store, it's called SnowMates. It's based around a message board - the idea is to help groups of snowboarders (and skiers) meet up and coordinate when they on a snowboard trip, holiday, etc. Rather than trying to call or message people to work out what's going on, you can post your plans to the message board, which is private to your group, so they know when and where to meet up with you.

Something like:
"we're lapping the park until 12:30, when we're stopping for lunch".

If you'd like to know about it, I've written about it here:
SnowMates - iPhone App for Snowboarding and Skiing | afterbang snowboard blog

As I wrote on my blog, I don't have any expectations of the app, high or low, it was written with me and my friends in mind, which should hopefully make it useful to other groups of snowboarders too.

I'd appreciate any feedback people have on the idea/app, good or bad.

Cheers, Gavin
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