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So, is up for auction, apparently.

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At least the domain is, but I'll only give them $100 for it, because that's about all I think it's worth. It's been for sale for years now for '6 figure offers only'. I still have access to my @ email, but I stopped actively using it years ago until I know what's happening with the domain, so I would buy it just for email as I've had that address for 20 years now, my second ever. I still actively use my first Yahoo! address, 22 years and counting.

I have to wonder, what justifies the massive prices some people charge for domains? And I mean domains, not actual websites. Whatever the current owners paid Rick for it didn't help them diddly squat as they too crashed and burned, within a year I think. A valiant effort, I even won a very nice 32 jacket from them, but I think there is just too much snowboard related competition out there now, including this site. I am very curious as to what anyone thinks they can do with

Btw, any ex-members of the late, great original still here? And to this day my ever burning question; what happened to all the content? Why didn't Rick just sell the entire site? That might have actually been worth something. He also wants $200k for the domain's it been, some 15+ years? Good luck with that.
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I've been building Wordpress blogs for going on 9 years now, so I speak from some experience. In turn, I have got some of the most useful information about all sorts of things from sites with some very obscure domain names, I barely pay attention to domains anymore.
If a name is already taken on another domain then using the same name isn't always a great idea, but I'd agree with the notion that domain names has become less valuable since you'd have to register in a million different places and trademarking domain names sounds like a bunch of no-fun.

Basically, I think it is a colossal waste of money to pay much more than the default rate for a domain. Then again, if Musk really thinks that cesspool known as twitter is worth $44bil, he can go right ahead, it's his money (mostly).
Well, Musk really paid for a large user base, advertisers and a huge staff full of knowhow. The whole idea of those kind of companies is to not make any money until you have a large enough user base and the technical knowhow to support them and implement payment models or connect more services. Right?
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