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Hello Everyone,
so I recently sold a 151cm Burton Name Dropper on eBay and am having a little bit of trouble trying to figure out the best way to:

A) Figure out the exact Dimensions of the Board in order to determine those dimensions into the USPS shipping cost calculator on their website to see how much its going to actually cost me to ship this thing


B) I am in need of any advice on the best way to actually go about securing and shipping this thing without having to worry about it getting damaged along the way as well as not making it so large that the shipping price on the board becomes just ridiculous like I have read and seen it can become

This is the information i have found online in regards to the actual dimensions of the snowboard but am still having some trouble figuring out which one of these are the dimensions I actually need..

The board I have is the 151 so I figured the actual length of the board would obviously be 151cm or just under 60 inches which I have also heard is key that when shipping it that it needs to be under 60inches to help with the pricing

At the same time I cant figure out which on of these is the proper size I would use for the actual width of the board and then I'm assuming I would just put it as around 2inches or so high for the hight part of the box dimensions? And then yeah what is the best way to go about shipping the thing and protecting it?

I have read on here that people commented and said the best way to do this would be to get some bubble wrap or protective type foam and then wrap it in a burrito type fashion along with your standard Medium sized shipping Box from home depot but ripping the box along the seams and then wrapping it around the board in a burrito fashion as well..

They said that this along with printing the shipping label off at home and not bringing it in to the store is a lot better of a way to do this considering its an oversized package and if its printed off at home they are a lot more forgiving than they are if you actually bring it into the store for them to weigh out and measure themselves

But does anyone have any advice or gone through this process themselves and have any knowledge or advice than can give me so it doesn't shoot through the roof on trying to ship this thing?

I am planning on shipping it from Los Angeles to San Francisco so not to far but still I have seen some of the prices and they can be pretty astronomical since its such an oversized package.. so any advice will be greatly appreciative!

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