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Some advice on Boots please

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Hello all

I am struggling to find a suitable pair of snowboard boots - I have a set of Malamuts (salamon) from a few years ago that I love but that are falling apart. I have bought a pair of K2 Mysis with a Boa that I cannot wear - the issue is that there is no zone lock on these boots and the boa tightens the boots too much across my foot where I have a nerve that gets pinched (neuroma) - so I have worn them twice and they now sit alongside a pair of northwaves that I bought after that I also used twice and then found were not suited to me - both sets by the way felt great in the shop.

So I have a narrow calf and a narrow foot for its length with a high arch. So I find boots that are the right length difficult to tighten, I also need the zone lock as I cannot tighten the bottom part of my boot too much without pinching the nerve. My original Malamuts were awesome as they have an internal heel strap (best invention ever - why every boot does not have this I do not know - keeps your heel locked down without having to tighten the boots excessively) and zone lock - however on the new Malamuts they have done away with the zone lock - they have one lace that tightens both the lower and the upper part of the boot. So I am scared I am going to have the same issue as with the Maysis boots. So far I have wasted about $600 on boots I cannot use.

Anyone know of a boot that has zone locking and the internal heel strap? (for some reason all the Salamon boots have either or)
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I think you're mistaken about the changes to the Malamutes lacing system? Have you actually tried a pair? Any of the shop guys shed any light?
My '16 pair has the strap and zonal lacing for sure.
Check out some Nitro boots.

I've literally tried everything. Nitro and northwave have been the most comfortable.
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