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I put this on another forum but figured I'd put it here too to try and get more opinions. :D

I couldn't be happier with my Spy Soldier goggles. They're comfortable, the lens is crystal clear and overall build quality seems very high.

Well, I suppose I could be a bit happier. My lens starting fogging, and as it turns out it's between the two layers so there is nothing I can do. I contacted Spy's warranty department and they offered to replace the lens for a $20 processing fee. The fee is because I no longer have my receipt. Since I am having to pay the fee, I asked if I could get a different lens of equal or lesser value to the one I am having replaced. They were more than happy to oblige (go Spy warranty department!).

So, I was using a very dark bronze/silver mirrored lens and want something brighter with better contrast. The Spy blue/orange spectra mirror lens seems to be highly recommended and is what I'm considering getting. I ride almost exclusively in the Tahoe area.

Has anyone used this lens? Can anyone provide any suggestions or lens recommendations from Spy's lineup? The bronze/silver mirror lens I was using is one of the most expensive they carry and the warranty rep basically told me I can choose any lens I want from their Soldier line.

Thanks in advance!
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