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Stance/Setback on Rocker All-Mtn board

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Hey folks,

I just got my first rocker board, and am heading out to Tahoe next week. Could you good folks suggest a setup for me? I'll dial it in using that as a starting point. I'd planned to start with around a 17, -3. Just don't know how far to back to start with the different board shape, or what my stance width should be.

Board: 2010 TRice C2BTX 157.
Height: 5'9
Weight: 155
Style: All-mountain, focusing on agility (trees, some natural features). Will probably get some powder on the slopes too and I can always adjust the setback if necessary.

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I say center your stance and go from there. You can always adjust it throughout the day.
I used to set my stance back a notch or two on powder days. Now I ride switch almost as much as regular so my stance is always centered . . . unless there's 2' or more of powda!
Thanks for the helluva quick response - let me ask a newb question. Centered = with respect to the board tips, or with respect to the binding mount holes? And what is a recommended width - shoulder width, or a bit wider?
Center it on the binding mount holes to start off, see how it feels and play around with it through the day if you want, I doesn't really take that long to change your stance. If you're not planning on riding switch and want a good freeride feel, set the rear foot back one position.
I would say, since you're riding powder, setback one notch. It'll give you better float and you won't notice much of a difference from it.
Thanks guys - will be setting it up this weekend after a good old-fashioned hot waxin!

errr the board, not me.

thats next wednesday.

errrr nix all that.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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