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Stevens Pass WA, 2021

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This forum is for the locals at Stevens Pass, WA. I'm not sure if many of the people on this forum go there, but this is the place for those who do!
I started this because all the other Stevens pass fourms are really old.
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After having a pass at Stevens on/off for a combined 10yrs, in addition to Epic the past 3yrs, this is the last. The changeover in management and loss of seasoned patrollers this year has made it a complete shitshow.

Can't speak for all mtns out there, but as far as the major local players: Crystal, Baker, and Snoqualmie have been listening to customers and making noticeable adjustments throughout the season. They've set up more outdoor seating areas, filter out non-paying customers (like sledders and sightseers) from taking up the limited parking, keep everyone informed ahead of time about lift holds/closures using social media, their app, on the whiteboard, mountain hosts, etc...

Vail has done none of this, not to mention eliminating all RV hookup sites to make room for more parking spots. Blaming Covid is such a tired excuse. It's mismanagement, plain and simple, which should be no surprise from a corporation that answers to its shareholders, not the customer experience.
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