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Stiff or Flexy ....?

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Hi, New to Forum today.

Started boarding last year, went to St Gervais ( France ) Hired my board - Bindings etc ..... blew me away ... now hooked.

Got home, went straight out & bought all the gear,

Bought an Antic RIDE pretty stiff board, as the 3 lads i go with all ski, so have to go pretty fast, to keep up etc.
also want to go off piste.

been practicing at local chill factor ( Manchester )

every time i go ( again tonight ) most of the boarders have very flexible (freestyle type boards)

Did i get the right board ( the advice seemed right at the time ). or should i have got a semi flex board
with that could i still have done the fast & off piste stuff as well as a few tricks.

Going to Tinges (france) end of Feb for a week, still got time to sort out another board if needed.

any advice please cheers jack
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I've got a pretty stiff board as well. I knew it was going to be stiff, turns would be a little harder to initiate, and it's poor for jibbs, but it still took some getting used to. However, once I was comfortable with it, it totally matched my style of riding. I love this thing! It is so stable at high speeds with no chatter at all, it's amazing for launching off jumps and stomping jumps (even though it's a bitch to Ollie), and the edge to edge transfer is flawless. A little hint would be soft, loose, legs and a steady bend in the knees at all times. It doesn't take much to catch air out of nowhere while bombing through the chop (usually cuts right through, but because it won't often flex around them, sometimes you'll launch off the bumps instead) so be ready to stomp and ride away clean at anytime.

Make sure you have sharp edges and enjoy being addicted to speed.
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first of all... thats what she said

second it seems like you do know something about boards. weather your board if stiff or flexy it doesnt really effect how fast it is just the level of control you have at certain speeds. stiff boards have more control at high speeds flexy boards, more control at slow speeds.

so generally if your more hitting jumps or just cruising around the hill you want a stiffer board.
if your sessioning the park alot you want a flexy board.

for the type of riding your doing i wouldnt worry about getting a different board
Thanks a lot,

Seems like the advice i got was spot on .........

jack o
I got a 156 RIDE kink, and its a wide. I didnt realize I got a wide when I got it. [retarded I know] With it being wide, I get more base to snow which makes it a little better for powder, but I does make it stiffer. At 1st I was hating on the board because I'm a freestyle rider and I wanted the flex with my presses, but after riding half this season on it, I've found that I love it. I love jumps so the stiffness definatly helps with that, and the difficulty of getting quality presses makeing me work for it, is a great learning tool. If your just kinda getting into the whole snowboarding thing, I would strongly recommend a stiff board, whereas a flexxy one will just make it harder for you to get comfy on your edges.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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