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Hey, I've been snowboarding for a few years now, but have never really attempted any tricks. I'm pretty sure this is mostly down to fear. I want to learn some tricks that are pretty easy, but also look good.

If you've got any suggestions of good begginer tricks or tips to combat fear it would be much appreciated.
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I agree with the go slow way of learning tricks and start on regular runs using little natural bumps or side walls.
You don't even have to get air at first, just get used to the feel of the board as you go over bumps and terrain with little transitions. That way you start getting used to how you need to change your posture and your foot pressure on the board to keep your balance.

If you find a nice little natural jump landing is powder you can hit it small to start and slowly increase speed and pop off the jump. The beauty of powder landings is when you get it wrong its like falling into a big fluffy pillow. You get it badly wrong in the terrain park and you will be going to the hospital.

I've seen it happen many times and I barely go through the park. Must be the place with the most injuries by far (IMO).

When you have some basics down you can hit the park if thats your thing.
I don't bother with it because I don't like the posing/showing off element. I prefer to hit natural features and I get the satisfaction of landing a sweet grab or a 360, no one else even sees most of my tricks apart from maybe my riding buddies.
I do it for the pleasure not the props.

Each to their own.
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