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Hey, I've been snowboarding for a few years now, but have never really attempted any tricks. I'm pretty sure this is mostly down to fear. I want to learn some tricks that are pretty easy, but also look good.

If you've got any suggestions of good begginer tricks or tips to combat fear it would be much appreciated.
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Snowboarding is really all about mindset. Go into stuff fast and confident. You need a lot more speed than you think, and if you do something too fast and nothing happens (which it most likely won't) you gain a lot of confidence. My experience with progressing is just being confident and doing it. I've been riding seven years and never gotten hurt, and I fall a lot, fall hard, and fall fast. I get more and more surprised how durable the body really is every year. But this don't mean were indestructible, so be a little cautious, believe me a helmet makes things a lot less painful.
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