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Superdevoluy- France

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Just came back from my trip to France. I went to a - for me -unknown resort with some friends. It's cheap as hell with a 6-day ski-pass for 150€. The whole trip costed me 500€ including bustrip, food, ski-pass and chalet.

I went with an organisation called Skikot, they arranged everything for us regarding booking of the chalet, the bustrip, food and ski-pass we even got a nice sweater and t-shirt on it :eusa_clap:

Now more about the area: It's small, cheap and a lot of flat spots. BUT the people there are extremly friendly, there is only 100km of pist but there is a thousand other routes you can take if you go off-piste. I'm not a backcountry traveller or what so ever. I just go off-piste once in a while and with that I mean, off the piste for a good 30 minutes to arrive back on another piste.
Also, don't go to Superdevoluy if you're a park rider, there were only jumps, no rails or boxes. The jumps were fine but not too high. I wouldn't recommend it for park riders at all.

I don't have much photo's because I was busy shredding powder (it snowed big time when we arrived). :yahoo:

This is a little picture I took when I just went off the piste (I went to the east, I didn't follow the other tracks).

The chalet where I was staying was part of a resid hotel called Les Flocons Du Soleil. The chalet was not big, but big enough for a group of students. Only bad point is the fact that there wasn't enough storage space for clothes and such. And the fact that French people are sometimes kinda lazy as they open the reception at 4pm and we arrived at 9am... Same counts for the depart.

There were a few places to go to, but you need to be 18 to enter and drink legal. We managed to get in and get drinks. We were able do to this a few times and once you got in, they didn't asked for your age or what so ever.

Cheap, small skiresort. But great for students or if you just don't want to spend to much money and still have an awsome trip!
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