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I was wondering if there's anyone who lives in Sweden or has travelled to Sweden to snowboard who has any tips on where to snowboard, how to get there, cost, etc. Sweden is one of my ancestral lands, and it's been a dream of mine to travel there to snowboard.
I look at Åre's website and webcams periodically, as that is the best-known Swedish resort, but I wonder if there's any other places that are easily accessible by plane & public transit that can be done more affordably...or if Åre itself can be done affordably. I have also looked at the Flottsbro website (small ski & snowboard hill outside Stockholm).
I'm currently in my late 50s, but will probably be in my early 60s by the time I take the trip, if I choose to do so. I've always done green (beginner) slopes, and prefer magic carpets or other surface lifts. I've rarely used chairlifts, and will probably not do so again at this stage of my life.
Also, I'm not really into après scene, but would like to experience some of the Swedish culture and language. I know only a few Swedish words, but I like foreign languages, and would like to learn at least some Swedish before I go.
Certainly this is not the time to travel due to Covid-19, but probably not too soon to think ahead. Any suggestions?

(Note: I also posted this on the General Travel Forum but wanted to see if I could get any response on the W. Europe forum as well.)
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