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I am getting both snowboards shortly and have a few questions.

1) I am stuck on the 160 or 161w when it comes to the Jones. I wear 11.5 ions. The 160 is 25.6 ww and the 161 is 26.0ww. I heard you want to get a narrow board if you can as you will be able to turn better. Not sure if I should get the wide.

2) What would be a good binding to try on these. I am looking at either the Union atlas or the Union contact pro. I have heard both are good but not sure what the major difference would be.

Just for reference my 2 current boards are both 162 cm. I am 6" 1 190lbs. One of my current boards is a wide board (25.9ww) and there is about 1/2 inch out on each side. Not sure how wide you go before it starts affecting your turns.

Why am I getting 2 boards? I am looking for an all mountain board that can also handle the park (jumps and rails) I spend about 60% in powder and tree runs and about 40% in the park. I really have to feel both of them to decide right now which one I like. I have another hybrid board but the edges suck on any kind of ice whatsoever and find myself slipping out too often.


All the Best,

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