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Talus ColdAvenger

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Does anyone have any experience with a Talus ColdAvenger?

I want to look and sound like the Darth Vader.

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maybe if i was working on an alaskan oil rig
Ya, that thing is a bit much imo...
Ya, that thing is a bit much imo...
It's -8 at the base of Whiteface and -17 at the summit. They have a frostbite advisory there right now. I think that mask would be perfect. :)
It would get the job done in nearly any condition....

I guess I've never ridden in anything that was cold enough to require that thing. I've ridden in that kind of negatives in CO
I've never gone into anything below 20F so I doubt I'd ever need it for temp reasons. What interests me is this:

Breathing Resistance: Ease of breathing was tested using a Dwyer Series 477 digital manometer to measure in mask pressure during simulated light, medium, and heavy breathing.Fluctuations in pressure were ± 0.5 inches of water, indicating minimal resistance under heavy breathing imposed by the air chamber of the mask. Ease of breathing is a critical feature during high performance outdoor activities.
Maybe it won't make me feel like I'm being waterboarded every time my mask gets damp and loose when breathing heavily. :dunno:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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