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Hi everyone

As the title reads I've had several horrible experiences with rental boots.
I'm from Belgium, so don't get to snowboard very often and never bothered buying my own gear.

I used to rent local, for my next trip (March) I wanted to rent gear in my home town and test it out in the indoor hall not far from me.
I did this and again it turned out to be a horrible experience.

After a mere 10 - 15 minutes I experienced excruciating pain on my right (= front) foot on the outer edge (at the widest point). Loosening the boots did not help. I had to stop for a couple of minutes and let the built up pain and tension ease off.
I was wearing Vans High Standard boots size 42 (8.5-9 US size) as I've always been told to size up from your regular shoe size. I wear a 41 (7.5-8 US size) in normal life mostly.

Pictures of my feet at the bottom of this post, I hope they work (you've been warned)

The mondo chart would have me go for a euro 39, which I have a hard time believing? I struggle to get my feet in a 41 or 42 most of the time. It requires a lot of force?

Left: 248 mm x 96 mm
Right: 249 mm x 95 mm (or 94?)

I have a high arching foot. I wear orthopedic insoles always, both in regular life and when playing sports.
Should I wear these in my boots?

Would Burton Step Ons fit comfortably around my feet? What size?

All I really care about is not having pain or discomfort on the slopes.
I don't get to snowboard very often, so I'll never be a very good rider and not looking to maximise performance, only comfort.

Thanks for any suggestions.



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With high arches, it will often be the case that you will have problems to get into a boot. I have to hop n stomp to get my high arched feet into mondo sized boots :).

As you say, you don't need a performance fit, but don't oversize too much. Get a comfy fit but keep in mind that even tho you don't ride often, the liner will break in and boots get larger. Heat mold your boots to get a quicker good fit.

Yes, use your insoles! The out of the box ones are usually garbage, so it's perfect you already have good insoles.

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You are Mondopoint 250 or size 7 US (both feet) and you are an E width which requires a special boot. Only Salomon designs their Wide boots for E width. You will not be able to comfortably wear your correct Mondopoint size in a "standard" width boot. I would strongly suggest either the Salomon Dialogue Wide or the Salomon Synapse Wide in size 7.

If the assistance provided has been helpful to you, your positive reviews on either of the sites below (or both) would be greatly appreciated. STOKED!

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