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You gotta love that first real mental jolt when the signal of winters arrival enters the mind.

Off go the shorts t-shirts and sneeakers, on come the jackets , gloves, boots and goggles!
It happend to me last night, its always kinda the same, like a metaphorical fist to the jaw, a real defining moment of change , last night it was the "smell" winter has a smell and even yesteday morning while im still in my shorts on the way to work, it hadnt hit me but on the ride home in just a light shoulder season fjallraven jacket , i feel it, i smell it , the hands get cold on the bars, head feels heavy the air get me , its here.., and viola next thing i know ive parked the bike , dropped off the shoppinng and am unpacking thick bags full of winter jackets and long sleeve shirts ., its almost like a seasonal migration of birds, i go down stairs shut the door, grab the portable speaker , pop on some tunes or podcast and methodically go thru the stored away gear , jackets, boards ,bindings, boots , gogglles , i blow off the summer dust , take out the sticks , line them up agaisnt the wall , take a seat and just sit there ........................................pondering.

i thought back to last yrs riding and what seemed to stick out the most after the summer hiatus then made the decision to wax up the 4decks that will get the first riding., last cpl of days of the 2021 i was on my 159 dupraz and absolute smoking on it, of all the decks i have ,this one came to mind immediatly, it dont get much love the old DUPs but i can attest this thing can rip! next of course is the yes op and the nidecker ultralight ( i dont leave home without them) an lastly bec id not ridden it much and didnt like it to begin with but found its centre of gravity one day from the end !!!
i packed the beta APX nidecker.
Decision made and im happy with it in the cold light of next day.

yup, these give me as good a coverage as i cud muster for pretty much all conditions first day forward.

159- dupraz d1........... in case its not that great..
161- yes optimistic.............. in case it is..!
162 -nidecker beta apx.......... in case its semi bottomless and fun ..
164w- nidekcer ultralight......... in case of ..oh yeababy!

{the 166 jones mind expander is the alt on calll in case of snowpocalypse dumpage (over the 159 dupraz) but i think the option to have a nimble turner on hand is never a bad thing.}

i must have spent the better part of 3 hours getting them up to snuff ., waxiing decks for me is massively theraputic, then it was upstairs off to grab a bottle of Chards and a shepheards pie and swithed on Top Gun2..

what a night!

now, let it snow, let it snow ,let it snow......

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