Got a bunch of boards for some photo and video projects last year and need to let a few of them go. Each has seen ~12 runs, almost all in the backcountry. (The DWD Holce is new in package.) Top sheets and edges are in near mint condition, edges are good with slight burring here and there. Four of the boards have one minor scratch each, none deep enough to fill with P-Tex. (See photos below). For more specifics about each board, hit me up. I really like each of these boards and part of me doesn't want to sell but I am willing if the price is right so feel free to make me an offer. Shipping included up to $25, beyond that I might ask for a little help with the shipping if it's steep. Venmo, PayPal, local pickup are all good.

Endeavor Archetype 160W - $395 (This was my favorite pow board last year)
Yes PYL 164W - $380 (Classic freeride board!)
Yes The Greats 159 - $380 (favorite aggressive freestyle board last year)
DWD Holce 162 - $320 (Got this one late in the season and didn't get a chance to try it)

SOLD Telos Backslack 153 - $395 (2nd favorite pow board last year) SOLD