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This weekend looks prOmising!

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This week in weather: Over 60″ forecast for the PNW as MT, WY & CO continue to get hammered with snow
That'll do! here, they are saying 12-16 by the weekend, woooooooooooop!
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Heading to Grand Targhee this weekend!:yahoo:
Oh nice. I was there on Saturday and it's already awesome, this weekend's snow will make that place perfect. Contemplating doing another day trip up for that awesome pow but Jackson's been pretty quiet of late so I might just hang here and get my hike on.
Cool! got any epic runs you can recommend(trees, steeps.pow stashes):)? if you happen to be in the area on sunday my buddy and i will be there, i'd be the one riding a STATUS brand board, and we could ride together:thumbsup:
I'll flick you a message if I do end up heading out for sure.

Good runs... hmmmm. A lot of it's pretty open and mellow to be honest. Straight under dreamcatcher was awesome last weekend. There's a bit of a natural half pipe half way down the run that's fun to pop around in.

Go into middle earth from the top of the Teton Vista Traverse, there are some nice hits through there. Make sure you carry speed though as it can flatten out in a couple of spots, great snow. It's through the gates but to be honest it's really mellow if you stay on back off the cliff and I couldn't really see anywhere that would pose an avi risk while I was there. Don't take my word for it though, read the signs and check the avi report if you plan on going through the gates as you always should. There's a wicked little creek somewhere in there too. Fucked if I know where exactly but I stumbled across it a few times and it's fun. Maybe just below the Powder Reserve.

Skiers right off Blackfoot head through Raven Wood, not a long run but nice snow. That whole side is pretty nice actually their just very short runs back to the chair.

Skiers left off Blackfoot drop in off the Chief Joe Traverse into Fallen Timber until you pop out onto Chief Joe Bowl. Head straight across the fall line into the trees on the other side and work your way through east woods. There are some nice drops offs from the traverses into some sexy pow stashes.

Sacajawea side was a little chunky when we were there. Found some nice snow through Wachabe Woods and Northern Lights. Don't go past the boundary here though, it'd be a long walk back I'd imagine. There are arrows at the base of Wachabe to the right - follow them. Bird Woman and Medicine Bowl on that side would also be heaps of fun on the weekend.

Anyway, you'll have fun. It's a perfect boarding mountain. Enjoy dude.
Thanks bro, appreciate your tips. You have fun shredding too.
Leaving tomorrow for GT! cannot wait to get there and ride in the white room!!:yahoo:
My buddy and i were there sunday the 12th and it was a blast! they had about 9" of fresh snow though it was still cloudy and low visibility on the top half of the mountain. Not familiar with the place,we followed other riders all over either hitting below the chairlifts(dreamcatcher, blackfoot),found our way to the sacks lift through the was the clearer side of the mountain and the runs were great!The top section of the mountain were a bit crusted from windblown wet snow the day before but having the fresh snow on top was heaven sent. Fresh stashes in tree areas was just amazing to hit you just forget about the visibility issue. All in all it was a great trip and we will do it again,hopefully it would be a bluebird weather so we can hit every run.:yahoo:
1 - 5 of 32 Posts
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