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So, after 3 years Xander outgrew his Skate Bannana (lib ripper). He has learned a lot and progressed well with this board. It is a 115cm board which would still be ride-able this year if it weren't for his big ass feet being to big for the waist width. He is also in need of a hybrid camber board, as he likes to go fast. The skate banana was a good easy board to learn on, but the full rocker gets squirrely on him when he gets going to fast on it. I have been looking at all types of kids boards but the only one I have found that is in his size with the right geometry is the Capita Microscope. Flat camber in the middle with rocker tip and tail. It also has a bit wider waist width for his big feet. I don't want to get to big of a board as he is skinny as shit. But I also want him to have a board he can have confidence with at speed.

My first thought for him was a t-ripper. The mini T Rice. They do not come in short enough lengths for my son.

Any one ride a Horrorscope? What did you think?

My son's details:

Age 8
55" tall
56 lbs
size 6.5 shoe (WTF?)
Riding style - Freestyle, all mountain, jump off everything
I would say he is a solid intermediate rider
Rides the whole mountain with Mom and I.

Found last years Horrorscope for 150 bucks online. Was thinking the 125cm

Any help would be appreciated. Other board recommendations are totally

Do they make kids wide boards?
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