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Topsheet damage from bindings

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2023 Custom used with Burton Genesis and Cartel X reflex bindings. This is after ~15 days but tbh it already looked like this after day 2 or 3.

Is this normal? I've never seen another board wear this bad (or this fast). The top layer of the topsheet seems to have been completely worn away in the areas where the binding exerts force through the board.

Kind of annoying as I tend to move my stance around a bit for different riding but now will end up with footprint all up and down the board. I have already widened my stance by a half inch so the inside heel damage on both feet is exposed.

Is this just trash materials from Burton?

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Burton Bindings excel in highback adjustment and rotation, canting, fit, manufacture quality, warranty, performance and customer service however this is the one draw back with they have over others like Union etc. The best and simplest way to address this is by making some templates and cutting out some thin adhesive backed felt protection pads and sticking them to the base of the binding. This does not change the binding performance and response any way and 100% protects the topsheet from the marks you have made.

View attachment 167533

This adds a layer between the binding and the topsheet and will protect your board from damage. You can buy this cheap at Aldi when it comes on sale or go to Bunnings (sold in sheet as well as shaped pieces).

View attachment 167534

Create some templates by tracing the binding and customising it to the underside of the baseplate. You need to bring felt around from the frame to the underside of the gas pedal area otherwise there will be a 2mm approx gap here

View attachment 167535

Cut the felt with scissors and use a scalpel cutter to remove the EST binding screw slot area. With Re-Flex you do not have to worry about this area.
I know you dearly love your Burton products, good sir.

But all that effort for not damaging your top sheet from simply mounting bindings is not for everyone.

Glad we both agree on [ak] though. I just cannot get on with Burton boards & bindings.
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