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Topsheet damage from bindings

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2023 Custom used with Burton Genesis and Cartel X reflex bindings. This is after ~15 days but tbh it already looked like this after day 2 or 3.

Is this normal? I've never seen another board wear this bad (or this fast). The top layer of the topsheet seems to have been completely worn away in the areas where the binding exerts force through the board.

Kind of annoying as I tend to move my stance around a bit for different riding but now will end up with footprint all up and down the board. I have already widened my stance by a half inch so the inside heel damage on both feet is exposed.

Is this just trash materials from Burton?

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Unfortunately, it’s normal.

Compounded by the fact that the baseplate of Burton bindings are hard plastic (especially at the corners) rubbing against the topsheet. vs other brands where the baseplate is covered with Plastic/Rubber/Eva so less abrasion occurs
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