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Tornados ??????

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Our local hill opened the earliest ever in 50yrs of operating.
It has now rained for 2 full days and we have a tornado warning in our area. The hill closed early yesterday from lightning.

I did get 2 days, only 3 hours on the hill so far. It is better than not riding. Snow in the forecast next week. Lets hope some of that 18" base that they were able to make lasts :unsure:
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I will say stay save and hopefully tornadoes don't touch down. Hopefully you'll be able to get out and ride soon.
Yeah, we're in the "warning" area here in se MI for that storm front, but I think you are likely to see worse than we are. Be safe, & keep your head down. Hopefully one day of 60's and rain won't kill the entire base. :dunno:
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