I have a Goldilocks scenario wherein I have a Marhar Lumberjack 152 that’s SLIGHTLY too small for me (I want the 155). And I have a Korua Cafe Racer 164 that’s SLIGHTLY too big for me (I want the 159).
Kinda a long-shot, but if someone has these boards (or some very similar models), in my desired sizes, and would like to trade, please reach out to me!
I’m happy to post pics next time I fish them out. They’re both in good shape - each one’s been ridden 20 times max (and not very aggressively). Normal scratches.
The bases are a little discolored (dry-looking). I hot-wax regularly during the season, but never remember to do the storage wax thing.
They also both had Phantom Wax 2.0 applied to them when they new, but I still hotwaxed them every 3rd day of riding.
The Marhar had a dinged edge that created a bubble in the base near one of the contact points, which I got professionally repaired. The Korua had a tiny top-sheet chip that got expoxied.