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Depending on where you're at they can be there for huge parts of the year. Not just storm conditional. Just pay attention and stay away from trees. LOL. Especially on days that are a couple feet deep.

Some trees have coverage in such a way that they form HUGE tree wells. You get a 6-10-15 foot base... think about how much snow is around those trees and how unstable it is directly under them.

I got cut off last year not 10 feet from a run. Dude sent me over backwards I ended up flipping into a tree well head first on my back. Took everything I had to plant my board and grab a branch on my way down. I'm a big dude so grabbing a branch and holding on was a miracle in itself. The other one is that my brother saw me go in. Otherwise I was gonna spend the night in there. Things are dangerous as hell.

People underestimate how dangerous resort riding can be. It's not just the BC where you're in danger. Especially on deep days.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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