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I was wondering if anyone here has used and could recommend some good travel insurance. I would like to plan & book a 4-5 day trip to Big Sky MT for my vacation in Jan. Whole thing will run me a about 25 to $2600 dollars. (Airfare, lodging/lift pkg, food, etc.) It's not a fortune, but it isn't something I could stand to lose if something unforeseen comes up.

My biggest fear is,.. I book the trip, pay the deposits and for the flight, then global warming strikes in the form of a Jan. thaw and I get to cancel & lose my money or spend 4 or 5 days trying to ride slush!!!! :confused: :mad:

OR,.. God help me, They get DUMPED ON just as I'm leaving and the flights grounded or cancelled & I can't get to the best snow EVER!!!! :eek: :(:( :mad:

If anyone has used this type service are there any companies that you would recommend? ...any to steer clear of? What about tips on specific clauses or hidden exclusions I should look out for?

Just wondering if it's worth paying an extra $100-$150 for the peace of mind?
(This would be my very First, Big Mountain Boarding trip!!)
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