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Twin, directional flex, deep sidecut

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I'm looking for a board 157 to 162 in size, twin, stiff directional flex, and a sidecut smaller than 8m something under 7.7 would be ideal.

Something higher end with carbon and triax glass, preferably camber but open to other types. Older models preferred, then I can search the classifieds and save a buck or two.

I'm having a hard time finding deeper sidecut's on larger boards, with stiff directional flex, lots of the true twins have an aggressive sidecut especially park boards but I'm after an all mountain.

Any ideas?
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Google 'Burton joystick 2010'
Lib Tech Banana Magic is a stiffer board with a 7 m sidecut. It is true twin, but supposed to be phenomenal at carving. It is expensive though at $700.
Either the Nitro Team and Blacklight might work for you.
The lib tech seems to fit the bill, is it a directional flex? I'll have to keep my eyes open for an older model if it ever turns up in the classifieds.
Just found an unused 2008 Jeremy Jones, can't figure out if is directional or a twin..

The lady selling had no idea what I'm talking about when I asked her...

It's a 156, does anyone know what flex this would be? Stiff, middle, noodle, directional, twin?
idk but imagine it would be a stiff directional twin...but go and flex it, easy enough to find out and bring a tape that age in good shape...$50 or less...then why not.
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