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Voile Splitboards on the Clymb

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Not a bad deal at all. I haven't ridden the Artisan but they are designed by the old Sentury Snowboards owner. These are much better shapes than their previous models. If you wanted to find a deal on a split, this is a pretty good one.
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Thanks for the heads up... seriously considering one now.

I haven't found too much information on the Palindrome, but it sounds pretty appealing. I'm 140lbs (without gear)/5'10" in Whistler, rode a 153 Westmark last season. First splitboard, do I go 156 or 159?

Emailed to clarify because it says "skins and hardware sold separately" then later says:
• Dual-height climbing heels for improved climbing comfort
• Compatible with virtually all snowboard bindings
• Includes Slider Tracks and Slider Pins
Emailed to clarify because it says "skins and hardware sold separately" then later says:
• Dual-height climbing heels for improved climbing comfort - This means it comes with the climbing heels already installed. For comfort purposes, these are pretty much a must have. You can do without them, but I have to imagine it would suck ass and your calves would be utterly shot after the climb.
• Compatible with virtually all snowboard bindings - You can get pucks to use standard bindings with your split.
• Includes Slider Tracks and Slider Pins - Good. You gotta have these. This is a big part of your "hardware".

If it's coming with all of this, I have to imagine that it's coming with nose and tail clips as well. Voile's generally come with the kit pre-installed because they make the kits. A lot of other splits come board only because those companies don't make a splitboard kit. Other than skins and pucks if you want to use your standard bindings, it looks like it's coming with pretty much everything you need. Killclimbz can clarify.
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Tip clips and chinese hooks are standard even on the most basic splitboard. It will have those.
Would it not include the pucks though? They are pictured. Many of them are sold out already, including the 156 Palindrome, damn.
Pucks usually don't come with it. Either way, it is a super good deal. You won't be able to come close with pucks.
if it acually does include the slider plates and pins then i would imagine it probably does include pucks as well...

they usually come with just hooks and clips, sometimes that plus pucks, but i don't know if i've ever seen a setup sold with slider plates that didn't come with pucks too...

i'm not a member of the clymb and i'm not in the market to buy another split right now, but i'm curious - what's the price? (can't see/not member)
$425, just the men's Artisan left now. Apparently they had a similar sale plus eligible coupon for $320 at Sierra a couple months ago. Pretty positive reviews everywhere.
Just got an email saying they fixed the description:

• Hardware includes: touring brackets, durable slider tracks, dual-height climbing wires and binding shims for improved uphill skinning

Climbing skins and bindings sold separately.

All my sizes are gone, but definitely looks like a good deal for anybody in the market.
wtf is a binding shim? still doesn't say anything about pucks...

if they're calling pucks binding shims goddamn are they retarded...
It said they don't come with bindings are climbing skins. I just assumed they were just with the insert patter, tip clips and chinese hooks. Looks like it was probably full kit minus the skins. The "shims" seem to be the ones they put in for the touring brackets. Not sure on that one. The pucks are curiously left out, but you can pick up a set for $60 at Voile. I wouldn't consider any of it a deal breaker. They are just about all sold out. Shoot me your email in a PM Shred and I'll send you an invite. The clymb has various deals come out for multiple sports on the regular. Not a bad site to be a member of.
Aren't shims primarily for hard booters? Not really necessary for soft boots if they are what I think they are.
They can be used for hardbooters yes. In this instance though I am pretty sure they are referring to the touring bracket shims which are standard on the Voile set ups. You actually need to use 'em.
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