Selling a well loved pair of Volcom Stretch Gore-tex pants, men's size medium, mustard yellow colour. The pants are in good used shape with some obvious wear, but they still bead water and keep you dry! I've washed and applied DWR as required, but there's some staining from a belt, and some wear on the butt cheeks, left especially for some odd reason.
Volcom's articulated cut is slim, but combined with the stretch in the material and the knee and crotch articulation the pants move super well and feel great.

$75 USD plus shipping is about as cheap as gore gets, and bonus points for not caring when mustard drips off your $8 lodge hot dog onto your lap. Expect to pay $15-$20 USD and $25 CAD for shipping. PayPal f&f or interac emt preferred, happy to do PayPal G&S but will add a few extra bucks to cover fees.