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Want to try TBT? Bataleon 2011 155 Evil Twin Classic giveaway.

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Want to try TBT? Bataleon 2011 155 Evil Twin Classic giveaway!


1. no wall of text, keep it short

2. anyone with a low post count will be ignored (just like 35-50+, no big deal)

3. submit how you will use this opportunity to try out tbt in order to make a decision about it


4. tell us you need a deck and will use this one

4.5 stoker concept applies, props to Wiredsport if you have a buddy who needs a board.

5. you pay shipping (I'm in Denver)

photos to follow. giveaway will end sometime next week, 7-10 days very much depending on snowfall and workload.

Good Luck!
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this board would be perfect for my little bro - i entered him in the xmas stoker contest as well! i took him up with me for one day at the end of the season, and he wasn't really to happy on edge catches on the hardpack.

i've pretty much got him re-stoked over the summer, and he's willing to try it again. as he's going to school and working full-time, i think it'll be up to me to get his lift tix, board rentals, etc... so a board would def help out in turning him into an obsessed snow fiend! i could easily fix him up with my second pair of bindings to go along with it.

very cool of you, all this type of stuff, and seeing people help others out with stuck vehicles etc, makes me super stoked on this forum/community!
I've wanted to try a TBT board for a while, could never justify the expense for something I might not like. I have a feeling it would be a really fun freestyle type board but have been always worried about lack of edge hold.

edit: if I got to try it, I would pass it on to the next dude in line who wanted to try after testing
Pretty cool of you klinger. Im not entering I am clearly a TBT fanboi :p
photos added, rules edited.

yea this is about as much interest as when I tried to sell the poor thing. Looks like a couple frontrunners so far!

I left some wax on there u can see the TBT kinda....

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Pick me, pick me.

I've never tried a tbt.

Na, it'd cost too much to get it here.

I'd dig trying it. I'd like to get as much exposure to different kinds of profiles as I can, and we don't get much demo stuff 'round here. Plus I get to learn freestyle this year. :D
I would love to be considered to have this board. I have been looking into getting a new board for a while now, as my old K2 WWW is nearly dead. A couple people have suggested trying out TBT, but there isn't anywhere near me where I could demo one because I live in the middle of nowhere. I am cautious to buy one without trying because I currently don't have any source of income. I'm busy finishing up my senior year of high school and am preparing myself to go to college, so any money I could save would be an extremely great help. Thanks for giving me your consideration, and I think it's awesome that you're doing this. Cheers!
I'm not certain if this would qualify me. I've desperately wanted to try riding a TBT but couldn't justify another board due to my .full quiver.

I love trying/testing different profiles. Although I am not In NEED of a new board a friend of mine riding some 90's HEAD board has been trying save up to buy my "brand new unridden" FORUM DESTROYER.

If I am chosen, since I have both a destroyer and destroyer double dog. I will "PAY IT FORWARD" as they say.

and DONATE my forum destroyer to him. :D:thumbsup:
It would be cool if you guys passed it around lol. We'll see what happens....
This is pretty freaking cool of you to do this.

I would love to get to try TBT but my local shop that sells TBT boards doesn't do demos even though they try to convince me to buy one every time i walk in there haha.

If i got this, I'll end up using it for a bit and then passing it on to one of my friends who i work with as an instructor who has only ever had hand me down boards that have all sorts of damage issues (nasty core shots, blown edges, some even with snapped tails from heavy park use). If he doesn't want it, which i doubt, i'd probably end up leaving the board in our instructor locker room for anyone to try out because everyone always seems curious about TBT.
I'm throwing my name in to consideration. Give it to someone who will actually use it. A lot. Yesterday was my 10th day and I average over 100 days a year. I don't have a huge quiver like some of these guys. And with all that use, my gear is starting to look pretty tired. My "good board" has a chunk of the top sheet missing not to mention my jacket is held together with duct tape, my gloves are on their way out, and my boots have over 200 days on them.

Help a brother out.

Local pickup and a bribe in the form of beer :eek:ccasion14: are just the icing on the top. :)
This is pretty freaking cool of you to do this.
I second that. I don't want to win the giveaway as a baby, fulltime job and a bunch of other crap make it so I can barely ride the decks I already own. But one of the coolest ways I've seen the forum used.
Cool idea! :thumbsup:

I'd like to try it! I'll pay to bring it up here, then there are two new guys in my office who want to get into snowboarding. We could do a little draw and one of them gets it. I'll try it for a day on the hill then give it away...

Good luck to all!
Don't ship that thing out before I get a chance to hop on it! You know I wanna try it out!
Don't ship that thing out before I get a chance to hop on it! You know I wanna try it out!
any time this coming week?
I'd like to try it because the snow I ride in is mostly shit, and no one around here demos Bataleon or sells it really. So my options are buying it, or eating shit. If I won, I'd even be willing to re-send it to someone else at the end of the season after playing with it for a season. I'm totally down with paying it forward. Plus I love this site, I think I've been here long enough to show I'm no noob!
Actually I have an old Burton Clash I'd be willing to send to someone at the end of the season. My first deck, little beat up but fuck it, gotta put out what you take in.
I'd love to try out tbt. Live in vermont so could never justify buying one but paying shipping to try it then sending it to someone else to try would be sick. Great idea!
I can already see this is going to be difficult. I may have to use a randomizer...............
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