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Way of Life @ The Oriental Theatre Tonight

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Quick heads up for all the Denver/Front Range guys around here; TGR's "Way of Life" is premiering Thursday (10/10) at the Oriental Theatre.

It's not really a snowboard flick but it's snow porn nonetheless and there is a bar there so you can get your drink on while watching the movie.

There is a 7:00PM and a 9:00PM showing. The 9 o'clock is 18+.

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I believe it is actually tomorrow

Denver premiere of Way of Life Denver

I'll probably be there with my lady.
Fuck, I spent half the day thinking today was Thursday.
Fuck, I spent half the day thinking today was Thursday.
I hear you man. I do that shit all the time. We literally made plans to go see it tonight and then realized this morning that it was tomorrow.
It won't let me change the title. Can one of the admins fix this?
Now I need to go back and change everything I dated 10/10/13 today. fml
Today is tomorrow? I need more LSD
Two days before the day after tomorrow.
Well since it actually Thursday (not like that fake Thursday, yesterday), I guess the premier is tonight :laugh:
Man, I am not going to make this.

I know I'll be at Powderwhores in November. Which has some strong snowboard segments from what I hear.

Plus that is the big FOBP fundraiser and I know we'll be giving away a split in the raffle.
Sold Out

Got there at about 9. Line all the way around the building and turns out it was sold out.

It's a bummer. For not being a snowboard movie, I was still really hoping to get to see this one. Trailer looked phenomenal.
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