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I have a quick (hopefully) question for the Whistler regulars. In the busy part of the season, how bad is the traffic getting into Whistler in the morning or out of Whistler at the end of the day? And when does it start? is it mostly from the south, or is there a large influx from Pemberton and points north?
Legit powder days it's busy on the way from Vancouver. Reasonable if you time it at least 30mins early. If you time it as a regular day, you'll be stuck in traffic at the merges and traffic lights getting in... if you're on time, you're late already.

The bulk of the traffic is South to North in the morning; and North to South in the afternoon.

This season, maybe because it wasn't very powderful, I noticed significantly less traffic on the way there. Dont remember a single crazy traffic day or a day where I had to park all the way down on Creekside. But also, noticeably less Vancouver people are going...

Traffic on the way back is ok-ish on Saturdays. But a lot of traffic as you enter ~around the Cypress exit, especially on Sundays. The nicer the weather, the heavier the Sunday traffic.
221 - 221 of 221 Posts