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What bindings for Ride Alter Ego?

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Looking for a new set of bindings of the ride alter ego deck I just picked up. Alter Ego being a powder / freeride board I am looking for a binding that would work well with it.

Currently have a set of union contact pros, that are somewhat mid / soft, that I can swap on to that board, however I was thinking perhaps a stiffer more responsive binding would be more appropriate?

This board is rated a medium flex, would a stiff binding like a burton LTD be too much for it? Also have my eye on a pair of Ride rodeo LTDs that would be more on the softer side in line with the flex of the board.

Also never rode any canted bindings before, is this a noticable feature? Seems lots of even the higher end free ride bindings like the Diods don't have canting, perhaps its not such a vital feature?
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Thanks guys, gonna go for the Rodeo LTDs on your recommendation, doesn't hurt that they have them 40% off :)
1 - 2 of 9 Posts