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What's My Snowboard Worth (Read this before posting one of those threads)

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Hi. I bought this snowboard in a garage sale / found it in the trash / found it in the attic / stole it, er I mean was given it involuntarily. Can you tell me only from this grainy, shitty picture how much it's worth?

No. And if you insist on posting anyway, prepare to take some abuse.

Yes, this sounds harsh, but the only thing we get more of than this kind of post are surveys. (We don't like them either).

Look, snowboards are a commodity item like a lawn mower, not a collectible item like a comic book or weird china pattern. They depreciate fast. They get beat up. The bindings, if it comes with bindings, are probably brittle and liable to snap on the next use. The board, if it's more than 4-5 years old, is old technology that's been superseded by newer stuff. And on top of that, the end of season sales and last-year-clearance sales on snowboard equipment push the price down on even brand-new equipment.

In short, unless your board is something really special like a Bob Marley limited edition K2 board, don't expect more than $20, and even that only if you can find someone who really wants that specific board.

But if you really want a number, do this: find the new price of that brand and model of board (or use the generic amount $500), and divide it by twice the age of your board in years. That'll probably put you in the ballpark.

Now, having said that, a couple of caveats:

1. In this current COVID climate, with everyone trying to get into non-team sports, the price of used equipment has gone through the roof. But that's just based on supply and demand, not on the age, brand, or quality of your board. So list if for $100. Maybe you'll get a bite. Craigslist is free, right?

2. There is apparently a website for collector snowboards (yes, those things exist). But as mentioned above, to be a collector's item, it has to be unique in some way. 99% of used snowboards are junk.
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