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Just moved back to iowa from Colorado :( ...... Right along iowa/Illinois border used to goto chestnut,snowstar, sundown, and up to cascade occasionally.. Just wondering if anyone has been to any of these places recently
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Almost as depressing as my life
So weird man.. I moved to Colorado from Iowa/Illinois border this year.

I use to shred Sundown/Snowstar. I knew the guy that runs the terrain park at Chestnut...not sure if he's still there, but he was an awesome boarder.

Sundown actually had a pretty good terrain park...2 parks in fact. 2 bigger jumps 15ft + on the left end and some sweet rails/boxes.

Snowstar had 2 jumps...both were meh. I hate how snowstar has beginner rails and expert rails..nothing in between. Maybe they'll add more this year.

Where are you at? I lived in QC and Burlington.
I feel you man, I moved from Calgary to saskatchewan when i was a kid and am planning on moving back when i get my degree
I hate to high jack your thread. But since you are from Iowa, have you even been to Mount Crescent?
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