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Which bindings for me?

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I have a few selection of bindings that I have picked out but I can't decided which ones will be right for me.

I'm an average rider, I can do most if not all runs and I have just started learning some freestyle tricks on the slopes and will be going into the park soon with jibbing and a bit of park being my main focus but still looking for bindings that will perform on the mountain.

The list is down to:

Rome 390 Boss
Rome Mob Boss
Burton Cartel
Burton Malavita
Burton Cobrashark
(any other suggestions welcome)

These are to go on a Bataleon Aerobic 151 board.

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Sounds like you're looking for more of an 'all around' type of binding...meaning I would focus more on mid-flex bindings like the 390 Boss. The Mob Boss are softer and would be more suited for a rider specializing in jibbing...from the sounds of it I don't think you're going that route (yet).

390 Boss's are great, once you get the fit dialed in. Keep an eye out on whiskeymilitia...I know Rome bindings have been circulating on there recently.

Burton Missions would work well for you too.

I know less about the details of the Malavitas and Cartels other than that they are fairly popular around this forum.

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I'd recommend the Restricted Missions.. have the asym strap, gettagrip toe cap, and are a LITTLE softer than the cartels... I had both Missions and Cartels and the Cartels are more responsive for sure but other than that I dont feel a huge difference.

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Hey... I've used to own both cartel and malavita (2012), but sold the cartel on ebay and kept the malavita. Cartel is great bindings but i feel it's more for freeride / all mountain bindings. It was too stiff for me, but it was soooo responsive I was very impressed with them... HOWEVER, I love malavita it is not as stiff as cartel, but it has ton of support and very comfortable. malavita is more freestyle / all-mountain. If you are planning to do tricks and hit the park, then i would suggest going with malavita, like yourself i started learning tricks and hitting the park this year and malavita worked better than cartel for me.
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